Full day tour – Saqqara and Giza

In this adventure tour, Nobles of Egypt will introduce you to as many pyramids as possible, not just Giza but also you will explore the first pyramid in the world (The Step Pyramid) and the unbelievable alabaster carvings inside the Pyramid of King Unas in addition to a noble tomb in Saqqara.

Start price : 50-95 $

Go back in time 4,800 years to explore Ancient Egypt important sites, Saqqara, explore the funerary complex of King Djoser, go inside the pyramid of King Unas, and explore a tomb for a noble, after that you will visit Giza plateau, explore the Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure and the Great Sphinx.

  • Step pyramid
  • Offering scenes

If you want to fill out your day at the pyramids, consider taking a full day to experience Memphis and Saqqara in addition to the Giza plateau. 

What remains of the Old Kingdom capital city of Memphis is on display as an open-air museum, the highlight of which is undoubtedly the 10 meter long colossus of Ramesses II.

At Saqqara, see the first pyramid in history – the Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser and its surprisingly Mortuary Temple.

Marvel at the pyramid texts in the Pyramid of Unas– in totality, over two hundred spells written in awe-inspiring hieroglyphs.

Explore Old Kingdom tombs of the nobles where you will be amazed by the colors and art also at Saqqara. then you will stop for lunch our ( oriental Egyptian food )

Lastly, head to the Giza Plateau for an exploration of the Great Pyramid of Khufu one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only standing one, the Pyramid of Khafre, Valley Temple and Sphinx, and Pyramid of Menkaure, to the most spectacular panoramic view to the three pyramids rising from Sahara, it is a breathtaking view,

And lastly, you will be passed by the solar boat of Khufu on display in the Solar Boat Museum.

Any one of these sites will justify your entire trip to Egypt, but taken together you will have a day you will never forget.

Your Egyptologist guide will be on hand throughout the day to provide background on Pharaonic history as well as its legacy in modern times.

Persion 1 2 -4 7-15  
price 95 70 50  


   * Qualified Egyptologist guide .

   * Entrance fees .

   * Hotel pickup and drop off .

   * Transport by air conditioned vehicle .

  *Tourism governmental paper work .


* Gratuities (recommended) .

* Meals .

Additional Info:

* This tour must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of your travel date .

* Confirmation of this tour will be received at time of booking .





Nobles of Egypt offer this tour daily from 8 or 9 am , if you would like to change it we are flexible with it and the tour duration from 8 to 9 hours .

This full day tour to the pyramids for adventure lovers , to go back in time 4800 years , explore the first capital in ancient Egypt Memphis, explore the first pyramid of king Djoser , explore the pyramid of king Unas and one of the seven wonder Great pyramid .

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